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About Us

About Us

Dear Adventure Lovers,
Namaste & Warm Greetings from Mountain Guide Trek and Expedition, Kathmandu, Nepal and Welcome to the very comprehensive online information of our company. Adventure Trekking Guide, Travel and Tours are gaining tremendous popularity day after day. Places which were very remote, unexplored, isolated and lonely in the past are now easily accessible, and so, adventure trekking, tours and other activities are now possible throughout almost all parts of the world.

Professionally unexplored until the 1950s, known for Mount Everest (8848 meter, the highest mountain in the world) and tens of other world's highest mountains and peaks, a vast diversity of geography from the Himalayas to the both giant and dwarf hills along with the plains of southern Terai region, Nepal remains the ultimate paradise. Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, the enlightened spiritual teacher of about 500 million Buddhists in the world was born at Lumbini in Nepal. We believe Nepal, "the birth place of Buddha, is still, one of the most sacred adventure and pilgrimage tour destinations for all peace lovers.

Moreover, the world famous brave Gurkhas never let this ever beautiful and sovereign land be forgotten in adventure tourism offering "Destinations with Unlimited Heritages, attractions of scenic beauties and well preserved exotic cultures, innumerous luxurious, moderate and ultimate adventure opportunities everywhere throughout the country, Nepal is now been well regarded as "One of few best travel destinations in the world". Since the year Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hilary successfully reached the top of the world, Mount Everest, (May 29, 1953), millions of international tourists have visited Nepal and experienced the enchanting ecstasy of visiting Nepal, Nepali people and the nature around more than hundred ethnic groups and one hundred twenty five distinct mother languages, more festivals than the days in a year, wonderful cultures, customs and traditions, communities, rural lives and societies, temples and monasteries of ancient, middle and modern age architecture are what you will definitely enjoy during your travel in Nepal. Accommodating ever happily and enjoying hand in hand culture, all touristic attractions along with the vastly distinct but smiling nature and Nepali faces await you eagerly to provide you the excellent hospitality.

Now, you all individuals and groups are Welcome to Mountain Guide Trek & Expedition for both budget and luxury adventure packages based in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. We are very well aware and present ourselves highly responsibly regarding eco friendly and responsible tourism in Nepal. Our expert guidance ranging from planning your trip and sharing comprehensive information to organizing the flawless activities will certainly help you make your "Mission Himalaya dream" come on the ground.

Your interest may be one or more among Trekking in Nepal, Hiking in Nepal, Mountain Peak Climbing or Mountain Expedition, Mount Everest / Mountain Flight in Group or Chartered Helicopter Tour, Tours ranging from City Tour / Sightseeing, Cultural Tours, World Heritage Site Tours, National Park tours, Village Tours / Home Stay, Pilgrimage Tours or All Nepal Tour, Academic / Research Excursions or Business / Corporate Tours, Wildlife / Jungle Safari, Bird Watching, Honey Hunting, Paragliding, White Water River Rafting or Bungy Jumping and Other innumerable Tailor Made (Customized) Adventure activities.

Mountain Guide Team offers you the one stop and ultimate solution for the full board luxury packages to semi supported ultimate adventures. Nepal, the enchanting nature and culture within and around the country, and the smiling faces of Nepali people await you. We have strong faith in our cultural philosophy of "Atithi Devo Bhava (In Sanskrit language)" which means "Guests and Gods are alike" proven track record of excellent arrangement of trekking and travel destinations and we share the most comprehensive and crystal clear corresponding and information on packages, costs and services.

Consciousness on nature friendly eco trekking and tours and corporate social responsibility, qualified, trained, experienced and expert management team, corresponding / administrative staffs and trekking, mountaineering and tour guides, Safety and security of travelers and staffs are, for sure, to help you make your travel ultimately very meaningful and most adventurous. Still, we don't say you to choose us, rather, suggest you first to collect all required information including Activities, specific package, cost, and "Why Mountain Guide" and decide yourself. We strongly believe our valued travelers are wise enough to make right decision.