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Vehicle Service

Vehicle Service

Vehicle Service

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Mountain Guide Trek provide to you different kind of vehicle rental services for different purpose such as airport transfer, daily rental inside and outside the Kathmandu valley, as well as weekly, quarterly and monthly can be hired by Asian Heritage service. We can provide top-class services that frequently travel to Nepal for their holidays trips. We have good conditions and luxurious vehicles and serve you for any tourist destination in Nepal as well as servicing the daily bus services to main tourist’s destination of Nepal. It has daily bus services leaving from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan leaving in the morning and arriving by the late afternoon.

A list of vehicle rental services that we offer and their accommodation capacity is as follows:-
Car: maximum of 04 people including the driver.

Van: maximum of 06 people including the driver.

Ha ice: maximum of 10 people including the driver.

Mini bus: maximum of 25 people including the driver.

Coaster: maximum of 18 people including the driver.

Big bus: maximum of 35-40 people including the driver.

Sutlej bus: maximum of 35 people including the driver.

4wd: maximum of 04 people including the driver