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Why Travel with us?

Why Travel with us?

Why Travel with us?

Why Mountain Guide?
Before choosing us, we expect you all to ask this question and be crystal clear. Besides various abstract reasons, you can consider the following to answer why you better choose Mountain Guide Trek and Expedition.

Company of Experienced and Dynamic Team
It gives us pleasure stating clearly that we are a small adventure trekking and travel agency in  Nepal yet, we understand adventure lovers and the unlimited destinations they want to explore around the Himalayan region to the optimum level. Long experience, dedication, and yet unmatched dynamism and the Himalayan spirit of the team have made the company a one-stop solution for all prospective and experienced travelers seeking any of our adventure activities in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India.

Despite the prevailing trend of the competitive market, the international quality programs of trekking and hiking, expedition, cultural and other tour and travels have earned tremendous faith and trust, thousands of tokens of thanks and appreciation for our company from all over the world. Most updated and familiar with all legal norms and practices of Himalayan adventure activities and every point and nook of the Himalayan region, our team always strive to make your holiday in Nepal the most fabulous one. You just have to initiate your interest, the team will show the vigor of their service ultimately resulting in your thrilling mountain experience.

Most comprehensive/detailed information; no illusions on programs and costs
As a prospective traveler or even a repeating client, we are sure; you need the most updated, specific, comprehensive, and crystal clear information. As such, we have worked very hard to develop our website as the most comprehensive guide for your reference. Moreover, we are never slow and awkward in updating it according to the need of visitors.

Once you go through the website and try to enquire about your interest, our 24/7 active communication and information team immediately, maybe within a few hours, works the hardest and comes to you with a wonderful collection of information and offers. Highly effective and efficient communication, hassle-free, and on-time correspondence will save you very valuable time and let you decide without any confusion.

Our information on programs, costs, and services are very specific and crystal clear, you will never be suffered from any confusion. We guarantee that we have never made and won't make our travelers suffer from illusive programs and hidden costs.

In-person assistance through Arrival to Departure
A highly cherished record of quality service strongly encourages us to maintain high-quality service and our professional ethics. For this, we always provide in-person guidance and assistance to our clients so that they always can enjoy hassle-free movements, accommodation, and activities. Immediately after you show your interest and book our program, we connect you in our prompt communication and information system. Very important, we arrange effectively for our in-person guidance and assistance throughout the total duration of your stay from arrival to departure.

Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction
Again, we came to an interesting yet abstract question, what are the quality and satisfaction? But be the very clear, effective, and efficient working of every staff you meet through your arrival to departure, safety, comfort and luxury of accommodation, hygiene of foods and drinks, expertly organized trekking and travel programs and ultimately well-rated value for your money is the important parameters of our quality service. When you feel you got what you were looking for according to your expectation and your money, don't you say “Uhh, Mountain Guide is excellent? Yes, then, it will give you satisfaction with your decision of choosing Mountain Guide Trek & Expedition.

Safety and Security; our priority - fully insured, properly equipped
You should ask some questions before traveling about 'how safe a journey you are preparing for and this is indeed a very important issue. We receive travelers from very diverse nationalities, societies and cultures, nature, geography, and so on. It is not so difficult to complete a safe journey in Nepal, but traveling without prior information, a knowledgeable team and proper equipment is sometimes very difficult and risky to adapt and overcome the troubles encountered.

We update our company and the team promptly with any change in government policies, rules, and regulations. Choosing the most secure transportation services, and preparing thoroughly and completely for first aid and treatment of altitude sickness and unexpected physical injuries, we strictly take care of our traveler's safety measures. In case of any emergency during trekking, expeditions, or travel, helicopter rescue service is always available on time. We strongly assure you that technically experienced and proficient guides, personal safety equipment including high-quality tents, first aid kits, oxygen cylinders, and other equipment and tools are always ready to be used for your safety and security.

Environmentally Sustainable and Responsible Eco-Tourism
There is no doubt that millions of tourists fulfill their mountain desire every year and hundreds of active organizations get direct benefit from this industry. But the ignorance and indifference toward tourism brought hazards to this region and is a fatal threat to the Himalayan environment. This is the time now to decide whether we have to preserve this heavenly part of our mother earth for all coming generations or not and act accordingly. While the natural environment of the mountain regions and the areas around is being hugely deteriorated by Global Warming, if we are reluctant, the stunning ecology and exotic indigenous cultures get very badly affected.

The longer we preserve nature, environment, and culture, the longer our fabulous destinations will live and consequently, tourism will flourish much more than today. Not only for tourism but also for respecting the rights of the people and their beautiful surroundings, we are handling this matter most responsibly.

Keeping this serious issue in our priority concern, we always strive to protect the Himalayan natural spirit through various field actions. We inspire and encourage all our field staff and visitors not to take anything natural away other than the photographic adventurous memories, only leave bio-degradable and burnable disposals and bury them safely, and use bags to collect all nonbiodegradable utilities like plastic bags, bottles, and metals to dispose of later. We encourage all service providers in trekking trails not to use wood for cooking foods, heating water, warming up rooms, or any similar purpose. The more greenery we save, the richer and healthier we are. During your trekking and travel, please give support and appreciation to all who do not use firewood for energy and fuels they need, and encourage them to use kerosene, electricity, solar energy, and wind energy. Again you save greenery more, greenery saves you more.

Furthermore, we have been associated with many nongovernment and nonprofit organizations and contributed to the sustainable development of remote villages and deprived peoples, environment, culture, and tourism. Socially and culturally, you are always expected to respect the local cultures, costumes, traditions, religions, and social values and not to abuse them regardless of your Socio-cultural and religious background and values.

Corporate Social Responsibility
At first, we are a company associated with the Tourism industry and we run our business for sound economic gain. Yet, we are also an organizational entity that has to take care of the social concerns and understand the ethical values of corporate social responsibility. If we are being benefited by the nature, environment, society, and culture around us, then we must contribute to the overall development of the people and society when needed. Our country Nepal, though the richest in natural beauties, is facing various social, humanitarian, economic, and other problems. As a member of the chain of success and failure of the society and country, we have been generous enough and actively participating in various social development projects and issues.

Small groups; individual focus, comprehensive service
Though our management and operation team have to work much harder, we always strive to operate the programs by making small groups and giving very acute and focused attention to every individual client so that we don't slip anywhere away from our already assured comprehensive service.

Wide Range of programs; the best possible value for your money
Our prospective travelers are very free to choose from all possible activities in the Himalayan region. From trekking in Nepali mountain regions to peak climbing and expeditions, cultural tours to other diverse specialties of travels, luxury to moderate and ultimate adventure activities, short to long duration programs and small to large cost programs, and individual to group programs, our clients can go for the best choice regarding their interest, capacity, time and resources. We help you plan and materialize your interest in a way to represent the best adventure preference you can ever customize to fulfill your entire travel desire.

Last but not the least, we are not so firm, our programs and systematic customization of packages are, at any cost, to match your preference. Just tell us what you prefer, how long time you have, what resources and budget you want to spend, and ask us once what we can offer you. You won't forget how we organize your ideas and condition as a fantastic package.

Credible business; your payment remains safe
Isn’t it a risk to make an advance payment of a huge sum for your trip and believe you have chosen a credible company? Yes, of course, sometimes your choice and payment may be proved wrong, sometimes the company is only a name but not an entity. Be alert! Whether you are dealing with a good company, a fraud person, or a website, sometimes you may make a hazardous decision.

And, what about us?
Mountain Guide Trek and Expedition is a company of high reputation fully registered, recognized, and licensed for Nepal Adventure Trekking  Guide, Hiking in Nepal, Cultural Tours, Jungle Safari, Helicopter Tour, Peak Climbing  and Expeditions, Rafting in Nepal, Bird Watching, Other Adventure Activities different kinds of Travel and Tours by all concerned Government and Non-Government authorities as following;
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Office of the Company Register:
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation: Tourism Industry Division
Government of Nepal, Office of Small and Cottage Industry:
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Finance, Office of Internal Revenue:
Central Bank of Nepal, Nepal Rashtra Bank, Foreign Currency Exchange Facility:
Nepal Tourism Board: (NTB)
Trekking Agency's Association of Nepal: (TAAN)
Nepal Mountaineering Association: (NMA)
Kathmandu Environmental Education Project: (KEEP)

And, we are a company that handles its banking transaction with the most reputed “A” Graded Commercial Bank of Nepal, namely, Himalayan Bank Limited. The bank is highly trustworthy to do any transaction by credit card or wire transfer. The bank checks your card details, payment purpose, amount, authorization of payment, and the genuineness of the authorization very strictly. There is not any fraud, mistake, or negligence while drawing the amount you authorize and your details are not disclosed.

Be assured! You are at the right point and direction, go ahead! Good luck!