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Socially Responsible Tourism

Socially Responsible Tourism

Mountain Guide Trek and Expedition recognizes that its operation runs through an environment, a culture and communities that are fragile and sensitive to impact. Organizing trips through Nepal and some of its most spectacular remote areas gives us the chance to show this country with pride but also implies a high responsibility to be culturally sensitive and minimize any negative impact on the environment.

Our goal is to be a real help to the local communities we work with, providing income and helping them to develop in a natural way, to provide positive cultural exchanges and operate in such a way that we not only try to maintain, but also improve the environment.

Responsible Tourism is a key point in the corporate philosophy of Mountain Guide Trek and Expedition. We have developed a Responsible Tourism Policy, which we try to respect as much as possible. Our teams have been trained and are aware of its importance to our culture and environment. It has therefore also become a key aspect in our teams attitude, which you will be able to perceive whenever you travel with us.

Responsible Tourism is about providing a sustained commitment to communities and environment, to ensure we have a lasting positive effect. It is about giving something back”.

How are we Socially Responsible?

  • We are a Nepalese company, which exclusively employs professional Nepalese people, thus promoting local industry development and local people's growth.
  • Mountain Guide Trek and Expedition is an Authorized Travel Agency and Tour Operator in Nepal (Nepal Ministry of Tourism and Aviation).
  • Mountain Guide Trek and Expedition regularly pays taxes to the Nepalese government, since this is the first means to help develop the Nepalese economy, improve local infrastructure and reduce the country's heavy external debt. This is unfortunately not a usual practice amongst most agencies and businesses in the country, who take advantage of the still weak tax control system and seek ways to avoid declaring their revenue and paying taxes. This allows these irregular businesses to sell at a lower price, also damaging the market and the proper, serious and legally operating businesses.
  • Mountain Guide Trek and Expedition regularly pays all the employees professional wages: guides, cooks, porters and drivers are paid on a weekly basis while the office staff is paid on a monthly basis. Mountain Guide Trek and Expedition does not exploit its employees and does not abuse through delayed wage or salary payments, which is an all too common practice among most agencies employing humble people with little means. If you visit or travel with us, please do not hesitate to ask any of our staff to verify that this is true. Moreover, all direct employees are registered with the company and receive health insurance as part of their employment benefits.
  • All our operations, campsites and activities try their best to avoid aggression and damage to the natural protected areas and their bio-diversity. Our Environmental Management Policy and Commitment mean running our operations in a responsible way.